We can edit scientific documents of any type, from a short paper to a book chapter to a thesis. No job is too small! We offer two basic levels of editing service, depending on the degree of thoroughness that you require:

If you have any doubts about the level of editing that you need, please e-mail us and ask. We are happy to look over your document in confidence, and with no obligation. Please note that we can only edit documents in English, although enquiries in Spanish are also welcome.

Please remember that editing is not a substitute for peer-review, and it is not possible to guarantee the acceptance of a manuscript for publication.


Submissions should be sent to enquiries@literatescience.com. If you have any specific requirements, such as editing into American or British English, please let us know when you submit the document. We will then agree the extent of editing required with you, and give you a firm quote and confirm a time scale for returning your submission. We will usually complete work on your document within five working days, although longer documents may require more time. If you need a faster turnaround please let us know, and we may be able to arrange it. Once we have agreed everything with you, we will get to work on editing your document! Of course, all submissions will be treated as confidential.


We can work with Microsoft Word files, or documents in the Rich Text or Apple Pages formats. In all of these cases all changes will be tracked, so that you can see them individually. We also welcome plain text formats, including LaTeX, in which case we will supply a document showing the differences between the original and the edited version, as well as the final edited document. If you’d like to discuss proofreading of a file in another format, please get in touch.


We generally charge per 100 words of edited text, or part thereof, making the costs completely transparent. However, if you would prefer to be charged based on an hourly rate, please get in touch to discuss your requirements and obtain a quote.

The prices below are per 100 words for typical manuscripts, although documents requiring rapid turnaround or very extensive editing may be subject to higher rates. (A final rate will always be agreed with you before we start work.) All invoices will be charged in UK pounds sterling, but equivalent prices in other currencies are provided for your convenience.

UK flag USA flag EU flag China flag India flag Japan flag
Language-only 1.29 1.76 1.44 11.5 129 182
Substantive 2.99 4.08 3.34 26.7 299 421

Please note that currency exchange rates are approximate, for guidance only, and are only updated here every few months. Payments and currency conversions are handled by Paypal, which accepts all major credit cards.


If you have any further questions please get in touch! We’ll be very glad to help.